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1. What is acupuncture? How does it work?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used medical procedures in the world. It originated in China over 2,500 years ago as part of Chinese Medicine. According to Chinese Medicine, the bodys energy or Qi (pronounced chee) flows through the bodys energy pathways or meridians. A person is healthy when his/her Qi flows smoothly through the meridians and when there is balanced Yin and Yang. Acupuncture uses more than 2,000 acupuncture points along the meridians to balance Yin and Yang, stimulate the bodys own healing properties, and smooth the flow of Qi through the meridians.

2. Will Acupuncture cause pain?

Acupuncture needles are very thin, flexible, sterile, and only for a single use. They are not firm, thick, or hollow-like hypodermic needles. With skillful needle insertion there is often no sensation at all. The needle is inserted only a few millimeters under the skin with the help of a guiding tube.

3. Does Acupuncture really work?

- Worlds Largest Acupuncture Study (See resource section for full article)

Results from the cohort phase showed that approximately nine out of every ten participants (89.9%) experienced relief from pain after being treated with acupuncture. Of those patients who experienced relief, 50.7% said the pain had subsided within two weeks, usually after four treatments or less.

Other studies have also shown that Acupuncture Relieves Pain ( See resources section for more articles)

4. What happens during a treatment?

When you come into the clinic for the first time, you will be asked to complete paperwork. The provider will get a History and physical exam in a private treatment room. Some aricles of clothing may need to be removed to expose specific acupuncture points. You can expect to experience a deep, comfortable, healing relaxation as a positive side-effect of the treatment. Many patients even fall asleep. After about twenty minutes, the needles will be removed. Depending on your condition, Tuina massage may be provided along with Chiropractor treatment. At the end of the treatment we can address any additional questions you might have.

5. Does Acupuncture have side effects? How safe is it?

Acupuncture has virtually no negative side-effects. Make sure any acupuncturist you see only uses single use needles and follow all acupuncture regulations. You can expect the positive side-effect of a deep, healing relaxation during and after the treatment. Many patients are amazed how rested they feel afterwards.

6. Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

Chinese Herbal medicine is very safe. There are seldom any reported side effects. We are experts in the study of Chinese herbal medication and continually supplement this expertise with new research.

7. Do I have to stop my medications before I start Acupuncture treatment?

Never stop taking your medication without the guidance from your primary care physician. There is no need to stop medication for acupuncture to work.

8. Does GQC Clinic take my Insurance?

We accept a wide viraty of insurances including PPOs, HMOs, Workers Compensation, etc. Call and ask if we take your specific insurance.

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